Flooded Streets

Are you experiencing sewer or storm drain problems? Call us first, we are here to help. Call-us-First-web-icon

Save time and money by calling 209-577-6200 or report online.

We respond to: 

  • Any type of pollution entering the storm drain system (gutter, catch basins, etc.)
  • Sanitary sewer overflows from manholes 
  • The city has a “Call Us First” program to deal with sewer blockages in the private laterals of citizen’s homes, as long as the blockage is outside of the home and the resident has a cleanout at the property line that the City can access 
  • If a resident does not have a cleanout at the property line they can request one be installed at their property line as long as they have an existing cleanout near their home.
Sewer and Storm Drain Service Truck

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