Business Recycling

Special Note: If you own and/or operate a business or have rental properties in California, a new law may impact you. Assembly Bill 341 now requires businesses that produce four or more cubic yards of waste per week and multi-family residences (with 5 or more dwellings) to recycle, reuse and/or divert some of their waste from disposal. If you have questions, please call the City at 209-577-5494, or visit the CalRecycle website.

The City of Modesto provides several recycling services and programs for businesses in the community. Check out the following recycling opportunities available for your business! Doing some construction or remodeling? Learn how you can save money by shopping at the Habitat For Humanity's Restore!

Program Description
Commercial Food & Organic Waste Recycling (PDF) Restaurants, florists and other businesses separate their organic waste for composting.
Construction & Demolition Recycling (PDF) Several local disposal options for waste generated from new construction, remodels, commercial sites and more!
Cardboard Recycling Separate cardboard from the rest of the garbage and save on disposal costs, contact your garbage company to get started.
Phone Book Recycling Drop-off phone books in the convenient bins during the yearly recycling collection for FREE!
California Materials Exchange (CalMAX) State sponsored exchange program to provide businesses, schools and non-profits with otherwise discarded materials from other organizations.
Recycling Market & Development Zone (RMDZ) State sponsored program that provides low interest loans to businesses which promote the use of recycled materials in their products.
Earth Day in the Park Annual event sponsored by the City and local businesses to promote environmental awareness to the community and bring attention to businesses who promote such awareness.
Business Recycling Awards City sponsored annual awards to promote businesses that implement resourceful and efficient waste reduction and recycling programs. Winners are recognized at a City Council meeting each year. Review the previous winners.
Recycling Trailer (PDF) Let us bring a recycling trailer to your next event in Modesto!

For more information on any of these programs, contact the Solid Waste Division at 209-577-5494 or via email.