Parking Violation Fine Schedule

Effective May 4, 2020, the parking violation fines will be increasing.  View the Upcoming Parking Violation Fine Schedule to review the new fine amounts.  The parking violation fine amounts include $12.50 in state-mandated surcharges.

Effective Until May 3, 2020

Municipal or Vehicle Code ReferenceParking Violation DescriptionsFine Amount
3-2.810Removal of Chalk Marks   $58.00
3-2.812Obstructing Intersections and Crosswalks$38.00
3-2.814Leaving Unattended Vehicle   $33.00
3-2.1002Use of Streets for Storage of Vehicles Prohibited (72 Hour Parking)$108.00
3-2.1004Standing for Loading Only in Alleys (passengers 3 min and materials 20 min)  $38.00
3-2.1005 (a)Parallel Parking Parked Wrong Way  $43.00
3-2.1005 (b)Parallel Parking (18) inches$33.00
3-2.1005 (c)Angle Parking (18) inches$33.00
3-2.1006Parking  of Commercial Vehicles in Residential Districts$58.00
3-2.1007Stopping or Parking Prohibited  (Signs Required)$38.00
3-2.1008 (a-b)Emergency Signs - No Parking $38.00
3-2.1010 (a-b)Driving or Parking on Parks, Playgrounds and City Property $33.00
3-2.1010 (c)Parked on Sidewalk   $33.00
3-2.1011Parked On Private Property without Consent Prohibited$58.00
3-2.1017Parked in Fire Lane    $43.00
3-2.1101 (a)(1-4)Curb Markings - Zone Parking-Red, Yellow, White, Green$38.00
3-2.1101 (a)(5)No Stopping /Parking Blue Zone$308.00
3-2.1104Stopping, Standing for Loading or Unloading Only    $33.00
3-2.1105Stopping, Standing or Parking of Vehicles in Roadway$58.00
3-2.1201Parking Restricted or Prohibited $33.00
3-2.1202Overtime  Parking Time Limited$33.00
3-2.1203 (a-c)Parking Prohibited at Certain Times on Certain Streets$33.00
3-2.1204Parking Out of Space  (on street)$38.00
3-2.1205Vision Obstruction - Parking Prohibited  (Signs Required)$58.00
3-2.1301 (a-b)Truck Routes$58.00
3-2.1503Method of Parking - Parked Backed into Metered Stall (on-street)$33.00
3-2.1504 (a-b)Overtime Parking in Meter Zone $33.00
3-2.1511Parking Commercial Vehicle In Meter Zone  $58.00
3-2.1605Obedience to Signs Posted $33.00
3-2.1607City Reserved Parking -  Off Street Parking Lots$33.00
3-2.1608Parking  In Designated Spaces (off street)$38.00
3-2.1904 (a)No Residential Parking Permit $50.00
3-2.1904 (c-e)Residential Parking Permit Misuse $500.00
3-2.2006Oversized Vehicles - Parking Prohibited$83.00
3-2.2007 (a-b)Trailers-Parking Prohibited (a) Unhitched (b)$83.00
3-2.2008Oversized Vehicles w/o Permit$83.00
5200 (a)Display of License Plates$197.00
5201 (a-b)License Plates$197.00
5201.1 (c)Altered License Plate Displayed$263.00
5202 (a)Period of Display of License Plates Specified$197.00
5204 (a)Registration Tabs$197.00
21211 (b)Bike Lane$48.00
4000 (a)(1)Registration Required$285.00
4462 (b)Unlawful Evidence of Registration$197.00
4464Altered License Plate Displayed$197.00
22500 (e)Blocking Driveway$48.00
22500 (l)Lowered Curb Wheelchair Access$263.00
22500 (a)Parking within an Intersection$198.00
22500 (i)Parked in Bus Zone$263.00
21116 (a)Parked on Levee or Canal$48.00
22500 (h)Double Parked$33.00
22511.1 (a-b)Parked in Charging Electric Vehicle Space$113.00
22514 (a)Fire Hydrant$43.00
22507.8 (a-c)Violation of Disabled Parking Provisions$308.00
22522Parked Near Sidewalk Access Ramp for Disabled (sign or paint required)$308.00